Editing Clip Art inside PowerPoint:


Once a piece of Clip Art is chosen by the user and put into PowerPoint, it can then be edited inside of the program. The user can perform tasks such as:

  • Recoloring
  • Changing the Contrast
  • Editing the Brightness

Along with changing how the picture looks in the PowerPoint slide, by:

  • Changing the picture's shape
  • Editing the picture's border
  • Adding picture effects
  • Selecting a picture Style


With an image/Clip Art selected, the user will see Format under Picture Tools on the ribbon at the top of the PowerPoint window. Underneath that and to the left, the user will find a button that says "Recolor". Clicking on this will show a drop-down menu giving choices for different hues and color schemes to apply to the picture.
You can also choose "Set Transparent Color". This will change your mouse cursor to a different icon, and once in this mode you can select part of the users image that they want to be "Transparent". This is useful for eliminating blank white space around an image that would make the image look strange on the user's background

Changing the Contrast

contrast.JPGBy selecting "Contrast" on the left part of the Format tab, the user will be given a drop-down menu that allows them to select different contrast settings that either lightens or darkens the selected photo.

Editing the Brightness

Similar to the Contrast drop-down box, you can also select Brightness, and get a drop-down menu. This also edits the lightness and darkness of a photo or Clip Art.

Changing the Picture's Shape

The picture shape drop-down menu allows you to change the overall shape of a picture. For example, this:


Can turn into any of these shapes:
Example4.JPG Example3.JPG

Editing the Picture's Border


By selecting "Picture Border" to the left of the "Picture Styles" part of the Format tab, the user can select a wide range of colors and styles of borders that the user can apply to their picture. You can change the border width, the style, and how thick the overall border is.

Adding Picture Effects

When the user selects the "Picture Effects" menu button, they are given many different effects choices that they can apply to their Clip Art or Photographs. This can add extra flair to a picture, and make it fit better into a slide. Options like Glow and Soft Edges can make the picture blend into the background of a slide, to make it look less intrusive. There are many presets available, and the user can also go more in-depth and find an option that is right for them.

Selecting a Picture Style


Picture Styles are quick editing templates that give you easy access to different styles the user may need to use. They are all pre-made, and are quickly applied by selecting one of the icons on the top of the Format tab.