Eric Sorenson

An easy way to put clip art into a slide show is by selectiong a slide layout of a new slide that has a placeholder for things such as pictures, clip art, tables, charts, and movies. Clip art, pictures, and other things that can be put into this space can be found under the insert tab

Scanning a Picture and Putting it into Powerpoint
  • Scan the image and save it as a "JPEG" file
    • JPEG files store compressed files and is supposedly the most common type of image file.
  • Then go to the insert tab of power point and click on picture
  • select the picture from the file that you saved it in and click insert

Inserting multiple images at One Time
  • Go to the insert tab and click on photo album and click new photo album
  • Click on file/disk and go to the folder containing the pictures you want
  • Click, hold, and drag the cursor or hold down the control key and click on each of the pictures you want to put into the slide show
  • After they are highlighted press insert
  • A new window will pop up, put the pictures in the order that you want them
  • Then click create.
  • This will create a new slide show and name it photo album but each picture has its own slide.
  • All of the slides are blank slides and the pictures cannot be edited after the layout is changed but the slide can still be edited.