There are a variety of ways PowerPoint allows you to insert clip art to a slide.
  • Use the Clip Art Icon of the Content Layout Slide
  • Search for Specific Clip Art
  • Using Clip Art Button on the Insert Tab

There are many content layouts available in PowerPoint. Choose one, then note the links in the center of the image. Clip art
is one among others for inserting content into your slide.

You are also able to search for specific clip art using PowerPoint's clip art gallery. Type in search terms in the Search text box
then click the 'Go' button. When your selection has been made, either double-click the desired image, or select it using a single
click and press the OK button.

The quickest way to access Clip Art is to navigate to the Insert tab at the top of PowerPoint, then click the Clip Art button under

You are also able to insert pictures into a slide, and there are a few ways to do this:
  • Use a Content Layout Slide
  • Use Picture Button in the Insert Tab

Like using a content layout for clip art, the same thing can be done using images. The only difference is that the image button
should be pressed instead of the clip art button.

Like Clip art, the option to insert a picture from file is also available on the Insert tab under illustrations. It is adjacent to the Clip Art
button, called Picture.

Resizing Clip Art and Pictures in PowerPoint

  • If the corners of the image are used to re-size, the image will maintain its aspect ratio and not become distorted
  • To fill across entire slide, drag all corners until it fits the slide