Could be used:
Step 1
Open up external image 2_bing.gif Power Point and choose a slide that is appropriate for your presentation.
  • Step 2
Click on View>Toolbars> Control Toolbox>More Controls. Scroll down to "Shockwave Flash Object."
  • Step 3
Draw a box the size you want. Right click on the box and choose "Properties." Double click on "Custom."
  • Step 4
Copy the URL that you used on your YouTube video (located in the box, not the address line) and paste it in the URL box under "Custom." You'll need to make a few changes to your URL to make it work.
  • Step 5
Delete the "watch?" and replace the equal sign with a forward slash. Make sure the "embed movie" box is unchecked. Click "Apply" and "OK."
  • Step 6
[[@#|Save]] your presentation to where you want it. Then open it and check to make sure the video is working properly.